Corporate History

Proxy Services Corporation (PSC) was founded in 1972 to distribute proxy materials to banks and brokers. The company is an affiliate of the proxy solicitation firm of Morrow Sodali. In recent years, PSC has expanded its capabilities to serve a larger segment of the financial services industry.

Corporate Philosophy

"Treat others the way you would like to be treated" has earned us our "Tradition of Service" reputation.

We, at Proxy Services Corporation, believe that living the "Golden Rule" in today's business world will assure our success in reaching these Corporate Objectives:

  • Partnership with our clients
  • Customer focused, quality service
  • Pro-active, consultive service
  • 100% Customer referenceability
  • Profitability and growth

Tradition of Service Reputation

Over the years, our employees have worked hard to earn our "Tradition of Service" reputation. By living the "Golden Rule" we continually strive to provide service above our customers' expectations. Providing innovative solutions, implementing, executing and delivering the service consistently, earned us our reputation. Partnership with our clients is evidenced by their trust and confidence in our ability to perform and live up to our commitment. We have never lost a client because of a service issue. That does not mean we do not make mistakes. Errors are made, communicated, and resolved with a sense of urgency, which creates "Trust." 100% Customer Referenceability has been achieved.