Electronic Meeting Services

A package of services centered around the concept of using technology to reduce paper and manual processing in conjunction with your Shareholder's Meeting. In a subtle way, it creates a very positive public image for the corporation. A leader, using state-of-the-art technology to provide enhanced services to their investors, while reducing costs. It encompasses four electronic services:

Electronic Annual Report/Proxy Statement

Assisting issuers in making their annual report/proxy statement electronically accessible;

Electronic Consent

Provides an electronic, user friendly, method to obtain "consent" from shareholders;

Electronic Voting

Enables shareholders to vote electronically using the telephone or internet;

Electronic Due Diligence Fulfillment

Enables issuers to satisfy requests for a paper copy of annual reports/proxy statement.

Electronic Annual Report/Proxy Statement

Electronically Accessible on the Internet

Benefit to Company:

Lower Distribution Costs - with shareowners' consent, you can eliminate printing and postage for the annual proxy statement.

Benefits to Shareholders:

Convenience - users can view proxy materials online in html format or download the entire document as a pdf file to review the information at a later time.
Easy Navigation - users will be able to find the information virtually any time for viewing or printing.
Quick Voting - users will have access to online voting at any time (registered and beneficial)

Helpful Hints:

Consider a separate voting site for your Annual Report/Proxy Statement that is linked to the ADP voting site for beneficial owners and the Internet voting site for your registered shareowners. At the same time, have the Annual Report and Proxy Statement available on the issuer's web site for non-shareowners. The reason for this suggestion is to assure that all beneficial/registered shareholders will be able to review the material and that hyperlinks to voting sites are operating at all times, and non-shareowners will not have access to voting sites.

Proxy Services Corporation works with Paladin Business Systems, Inc. Online Proxy has been developed as the solution to an issuer's needs.

Through the use of a dedicated 800 number or web site, offer shareholders the ability to consent to access proxy material electronically.


  • Design consent instructions
  • PSC provides 800 number and/or web site
  • Send consent form as
    • A special mailing
    • Enclosure with a dividend check or interim report
    • Shareholders key in account number or other identifying number
    • PSC gathers information and transmits data to transfer agent for updating file


  • Quick - Easy - Immediate Response
  • $ Savings - less than return postage - automated update of files - does not require a return envelope

Electronic Voting

Proxy Services Corporation/Paladin Business Systems, Inc. is the industry leader in providing telephone and Internet voting for registered shareholders of a publicly held corporation and Investment Management Companies.

We introduced telephone voting to the industry in 1995, and added Internet voting in 1998. Where state of incorporation statutes permit, offering three options to vote - mail, telephone, the Internet - is now becoming standard industry practice.

Our strengths are:

  • Programming to a client's needs
  • Quick implementation
  • Customized scripts or web site, if desired
  • Daily downloading of votes taken
  • Daily results available via web site.

We interface with many tabulators and corporate issuers and program to meet your specifications.

Electronic Due Diligence Fulfillment

Securities and Exchange Commission releases 1995 and 1996, note 27 and 17 respectively, expressed that as a matter of policy, shareholders, especially employee shareholders, should always have the right to request and receive a paper copy of the documents even if they consented to accessing the material electronically.

Issuers who take advantage of the 1996 SEC release providing limited relief for employee shareholders who, in the course of their employment, have access to the Internet or e-mail system, must notify them in the communication of their right to request a paper copy of the documents.

Fulfillment Service

  • Shareholders call 800 number
  • Name and Address captured
  • Material mailed

For additional information, contact: Gregory S. Penn (631) 918 4050