Comprehensive Shareholder Meeting Services

  1. Proxy Solicitation through Morrow Sodali
  2. Search and Distribution
  3. Mailings, Fulfillment
  4. Tabulation
  5. Electronic Voting and Meeting Services

Proxy Services Corporation is proud to offer "one stop shopping" for all your shareholder meeting needs. We provide the professional expertise in all aspects of services required to help the issuer succeed in achieving their objective.

Proxy Solicitation through Morrow Sodali

Search and Distribution

The "Search" process involves contacting various banks, brokers and intermediaries to determine the number of "beneficial shareowners" there are who hold stock through a bank or broker. Contact is made and the number of accounts are gathered to assist the issuer in ordering the appropriate quantity of proxy material for distribution and mailing.

  • Bulk delivery of annual material, fund prospectuses, interim reports
  • Delivery of reorganization literature to banks, brokers, and financial intermediaries

Mailings, Fulfillment


An important part of our Comprehensive Shareholder Meeting Services is the mailing of proxy material. PSC has the capability to provide numerous mailing methods to achieve lower postal rates while expediting service. We also mail:

  • Interim reports
  • Prospectuses
  • Class action mailings
  • Reorganization mailings


An integrated service that utilizes:

  • An interactive voice response system or the Internet
  • 120 million names, addresses and telephone numbers
  • a timely mailing process

to achieve an outstanding reputation for accuracy and timeliness.


As tabulator, we must convert the record date files to our tabulation system, assigning the proxy sequence number. The cards are then addressed and mailed. Numerous mailing methods are available, i.e. First Class, Standard A Mail (Bulk Mail), Air Enhanced Pre-sort.

  • Return proxies are optically scanned daily
  • Telephone/Internet votes tabulated daily
  • Voted/unvoted lists are prepared as needed
  • Second mailings of unvoted proxies can be completed
  • Tabulation reports available on-line
  • Act as Inspector of Elections

For additional information, contact: Gregory S. Penn (631) 918 4050